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Chinese Made Fun is the first book which allows Mandarin Chinese learners the chance to improve their reading,writing and expand vocabulary skills, whilst discovering about different aspects of Chinese history, society and culture. This beautifully illustrated book contains 50 mini-topics, which focus on a particular period of time, major event, special place or person in the 5000-year history of China张玉和艾伦合著的《多彩汉语50个趣味故事》其编写目的是希望通过中国的重大历史事件、故事、传说和历史人物,把你带入一个新的语言、文字、措辞和文化环境中,大大提升你的汉语水平。这本书不仅能提高阅读和理解能力,还能成为你与中国朋友茶余饭后的谈资。它将帮助你理解是什么造就了中国。

By Yu Zhang and Stuart Allen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 214 pages, 9"x7"

Chinese Made Fun 多彩汉语50个趣味故事 BKS063$19.95