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INTRODUCTl0N   1 Stories and Storytellers:Power and Magic   故事与讲故事的人:力量与魔力

  2 Myths and Legends:Why the World Is the Wav It Is   神化与传说:世界为何如此

  3 Wisdom Tales:Sharing Knowledge and lnsight   智慧故事:分享知识与见识

  4 Heroes:Tales of the Best of Us   英雄:我们当中最棒的人的故事

  5 Fools:Stories of Noodle heads and Numbskulls   傻瓜:笨蛋和傻瓜的故事

  6 Ghosts and Horrors:Creepy Tales to Make You Shudder   鬼怪与恐怖:让你毛骨悚然的恐怖故事

  7 Love Stories:Romance and its Consequences   爱情故事:浪漫及其结局

  8 Historical Legends:Kernels of Truth   历史传奇:真实的核心

  9 Ever After:Stories About Death and the World to Come   从此以后:有关死亡及后世的故事

Paperback, In Both English Simplified Chinese Characters , 131 Pages

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