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With the rolling forward the wheel of history. many of the ancient history of the text are buried and become a dead language. and even people forget the countless centuries. The characters are associated with the history. the same strain. standing in the East. to become a beautiful landscape. No matter how the years change. Chinese people can not give up the deep feelings of Chinese characters. Chinese characters have cherished the past lives and the cultural charm of her bearing. So. Where is the source of Chinese characters? Evolution and how it spread? When the language of the dissemination of the fetters of space and time. people remember how to persist? In the long course of development. character and experience what the original brewing process? Inquiries from time to time these mysterious questions of our hearts.

《中华文明史话:汉字史话(中英文双语版)》内容简介:那么,汉字的源头在哪里?又如何流传衍变呢?当语言的传播羁绊于空间和时间时,人们如何存留记忆?在漫长的发展过程中,汉字又经历了哪些原始的酝酿过程?这些神秘的问题时时叩问我们的心灵,激励后人不断探索。 让我们走进汉字长廊,开始这趟探索神秘的旅程吧。

Paperback, Both in Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 198 pages

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